About Us

Our friendship started way back in 2006. Some us have worked together in a school. We were teachers by profession and had taught for years. The idea of telling our stories and experiences came about when one of us had shared such an idea over a cup of coffee. All of us shared the same passion for sharing and being a light to other people, so we decided to create Talesfromabarstool!

So, without further ado, we decided to come up with this website. This is our home away from home. It is the place where we can be on our own time and space; be with ourselves, and share what we have experienced in life, one post at a time. It has become our avenue to share our heartaches, our losses, and our triumphs for everyone to read and learn from.

Each of our experiences shared here were specifically handpicked to give you, our audience, a story to read, and a lesson to learn, of which might be applicable as of this very moment or near future. We make sure our stories are written in such a way that anyone can fully understand what we want to partake.

We have shared quite some stories and experiences. We have touched a lot of lives over the years, being teachers and storytellers as well. With this, we will continue to become a teacher and storyteller at the same time, to make sure our stories will live on and on. Also, to reach as many people as we can to read our stories and learn from them. If you would like to submit a story contact us.