We are a community of teachers who have been working overseas in the UK through an agency to explain our stories and experiences. Our main goal is to share to the world how wonderful life is through story-telling at it’s best. We have captured life at its finest. May it be a story about falling, heartbreak, loss, triumph or happiness, we have it all.

Life has taught each one of us what it is like to become a human being. It had shaped us into who we are today. Truly, our experiences have given us lessons that surely will be of use to all of you in one way or the other, may it be today or in the future. The best part of it all – all our stories are narrated in such a way that can be easily understood with every lesson to learn at the end. We make it as light as possible to give way to fully understand what the story is all about and what lies beneath it. We, as teachers, want nothing but to help each one of us to grow more and become more.

As the saying goes, “experience is the best teacher.” So, it is! This has been our driving force that keeps us going.